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DESIGN FOR EMERGENCY (D4E) is a collaborative international project seeking to understand how communities, organizations, and systems might be more resilient in the face of changing global emergencies. D4E's goal is to utilize design to improve communication before, during, and after disasters.


D4E aims to foster community-led design-based research in disaster risk prevention and reduction at local and global scales. We are interested in collaborating with other designers, risk management specialists, organizations, or governments to understand how design can help create more prepared and resilient communities.

Changing Climate
Hurricanes, droughts, wildfires, and other disasters have become more severe and common. Rising temperatures and sea levels have the potential to displace whole communities and regions. We must better understand and prepare for these evolving emergencies. 
Changing Technology
As connected technology and data rapidly change the way we drive, learn, and live, their application for greater community resilience and disaster prevention should be explored and defined. We must imagine how technology can help prepare or prevent the next emergency. 
Changing Society
A global pandemic, disputed elections, social inequities, and unforeseen conflicts have exposed dangerous shifts in society that seemed unthinkable just a few years ago. We must work to understand how social systems are evolving and design in ways that anticipate those shifts.  



If you'd like to know more, are interested in collaborating, or want to share relevant experiences, please reach out.

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